DISRUPTO is about making things happen for founders and disruptors. We know that disruptors could very well benefit from collaborating with more established companies, and vice versa.

But these collaborations will come with new challenges. DISRUPTO will create programs to address those challenges, and be the hub for the solutions.

So, please use this opportunity to shine, tell the world about your ideas, and give such a lasting impressions to the visitors
Please contact us at the soonest so that we can provide you the information on how to rent a booth at the exhibits area.

Contact: [email protected]

Current percentage of booth spaces booked: 100%

2018 DISRUPTO Highlights:


Disrupto Hall at Plaza Indonesia Extension 5th floor will be ready to welcome you to meet all the notable speakers from various industries and sectors that will deliver materials about disruption from very different angles.


Get ready to be influenced and inspired by the disruption talks in here. And be prepared to meet you future partners and collaborators. Black Stage is located at the Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th floor atrium hall.


Find more talking session in Red Stage, at Immigrant Plaza Indonesia Extension 6th floor.

Twizzy Zone

Find the First Twizzy Renault in Indonesia only at Twizzy Zone at Disrupto. Head to Plaza Indonesia Extension 4th floor and be the first to experience the future of automotive.

Booth Exhibitors

More than 50 exhibitors are officially joining Disrupto. They are ready to show and tell their product and innovation that disrupts the market.

Twizzy Renault

The Eye-catching ultra-compact quadricycle two-seat electric car designed and marketed by Renault with zero-emissions in use. The electric future is here and we'll show how green technology is going to electrify our lives.


MAB, also known as Mobil Anak Bangsa is a zero-emissions electric bus with 60 passengers capacity.

Ford OJO

Officially licensed by FORD, it is the Adult Commuter Scooter designed to be a daily commuter vehicle that’s bike lane friendly, which can’t be said for all other scooters.

Microsoft Hololens

The first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling user to engage with mixed reality in the world around you - blended environment that becomes the canvas, where you can create and enjoy a wide range of experiences.

Epson Moverio

Powerful, affordable smart glasses for Augmented Reality experience and drone piloting apps with transparent wearable display.