Ananda "Omesh" Rusdiana

Actor, Presenter, Comedian, Founder of Motorbaik & Tigrehood


Ananda “Omesh” Rusdiana S.I.Kom is an actor, presenter and comedian graduated from UNPAD Bandung known through the variety show Extravaganza program and a presenter of Indonesia Mencari Bakat, Insert Pagi, Family 100, The Voice Indonesia, Superdeal Indonesia and many more also known as automotive enthusiasts, especially motorcycles.

Because of his hobby of motorbike and touring, Ananda Omesh made a social movement named Motorbaik Indonesia (Instagram: @motorbaik #motorbaik) which campaigned for polite and disciplined driving.

In addition, Ananda Omesh also opened a business, Tigrehood (instagram: @ #tigrehood), that curates almost 40 brands of motorcycle, culture apparels and accessories from all over Indonesia and overseas.

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